Forest Bathing – a new name for an old concept

Most people would agree that escaping the noise and pollution of the city to spend time in nature is a good thing. We all know we feel better in a natural environment, and we bring potted plants and cut flowers … Read More

Upcoming 2019 Events at Innisfree!

The 2019 calendar at Innisfree Farm is getting busy. Check out all the webinars, classes and retreats we are offering and make this the year you come to play in our gardens!

We have a Deep Green Nature Immersion Retreat … Read More

Gardening for Health and Wellbeing Resource

With the steady rise of mental health issues, which is ever-present in the news at the moment, Mud Wellies has written a comprehensive guide that discusses why gardening is excellent for general health and wellbeing. The guide covers the physical … Read More

Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?

The Guardian newspaper in England this week reported on a new book that is re-writing the narrative on depression.


Moving beyond the simple black and white thinking of mental illness as a neurotransmitter defect that can be corrected by … Read More

2013 Calendar – by Topic


Saturday April 6th                 9.30 am – 5.00 pm

Spring Cleanse

Friday April 19th                   6.00 – 9.00 pm

Lacto -Fermentation


Friday May 3rd                      6.00 – 9.00 pm

Herbs in Health and Cooking



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Innisfree – March 2014 Press Release

Events-Workshops-Classes-2014-listRead More

Probiotics linked to reduced risk of chronic diseases – Dr. Mercola Review

Research is confirming that probiotics - like those found in naturally fermented foods like kefir, kombucha and saurkraut - are potent determinants for a healthy gut and strong immune system

The Art and Science of Aromatherapy-Class 2011

14 hour essential oils class with Chanchal Cabrera, covering hands on making of products from bath salts, spritzers, emulsions and more.