Visualization for Fibroids

Find a time when you will not be disturbed. Take the phone off the hook and tell everyone in the house that this is your private time and is sacred. You will need at least half an hour. For best results visualizations should be done daily but even 2 or 3 times a week will help.

Lie down in a darkened room and have some soft instrumental music playing in the background. Take a few minutes to center yourself before beginning the visualization. Take deep, slow, even breaths and begin to feel yourself relaxing and letting go of stress and tension.

As you breathe in feel the air entering your lungs right to the very bottom and filling your chest. As you breathe in be aware of the air filling your whole body, as if your lungs extend way beyond the diaphragm, feel the air filling your belly and your arms and your legs. Imagine that the air you breathe is made of light and feel your whole body filling up with light.

With each breath in allow more and more light to enter your body, filling every crack and crevice inside. And as you breathe out imagine that you are breathing out darkness, breathing out stress, breathing out tension, breathing out fatigue, breathing out negativity. With each breath out feel your body letting go, loosening up, relaxing. Feel yourself becoming soft and filled with light as you let go of the darkness a little more with each breath.

Now imagine that as you breath in lightness that it has filled your whole body and is overflowing, spilling out of your pores and surrounding you in a golden aura. Imagine a cocoon of golden light completely surrounding you, above your head, below your feet and to either side. Feel yourself wrapped around by golden light, protected and nourished by it, breathing it in and totally absorbing it. Now place your hands gently on your abdomen, over your womb. Feel the warmth of your hands on your body and feel their weight.

Now imagine that from your hands a stream of pure energy is flowing. A stream of healing power that is pouring through you from the golden light all around you. Allow your body to simply be a conduit for the flow of light, breathing it in to your lungs and pouring it out through your hands.

Now imagine what is directly beneath your hands. Imagine your womb, about the size and shape of a large pear. See the fibroid within it, a growth in the center, an area of negativity and a repository for all your fears and frustrations. As you are visualizing this darkness in the center of your body, imagine that the healing light from your hands is reaching all the way down into your womb.

Watch the light you are channeling reaching right down to the fibroid and begin to transform it. As you watch this happening see how the light is filling up the space around the fibroid and slowly beginning to cover it over.

Watch how the fibroid begins to fade and waver in your minds eye as the darkness and negativity of it is transformed by the healing light. Feel your hands getting hotter and heavier as the light pours from them, and keep remembering the golden light all around which is giving you the power and the energy to transform your own body.

Watch carefully now as the fibroid becomes fainter and fainter until all you can see in the womb is golden light. Feel the congestion and heaviness of the womb give way to light and health and wholeness.

Hold onto this image for a few moments then slowly allow yourself to become aware again of your breathing, to become aware of your body lying on the bed, and, slowly, slowly, to become aware of yourself in the room. Don’t open your eyes immediately, allow yourself a moment to savor the feeling of deep relaxation and wellness in your body, mind and spirit.

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