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Are You A Sugar Addict?

How much sugar do you eat? This infographic from Online Nursing may give you reason to reconsider that sugar loaded daily latte or second helping of dessert!

Scottish Folk Medicine

The first people thought to have inhabited Scotland were Paleolithic or Old Stone Age people who migrated across now swamped land bridges from the European mainland around 300,000 years ago.

Are Vegan Diets Healthy for Children?

Does a vegan diet meet the needs of babies and children? Studies show that children can be successfully reared on a vegan diet, providing sufficient care is taken to avoid the known pitfalls of insufficient protein, a bulky diet and vitamin B12 deficiencyā€¯

Basic Guide to Healthy Eating

This is an outline of a health supporting dietary plan. Using this as a guide can ease the transition into or out of a cleansing program, it can serve as a general guide to a health supporting maintenance diet after cleansing and detoxification.