Pre and Post Surgical Care

Aims of protocol:

– Support immune system to speed healing and reduce chance of infection.
– Protect brain cells from deleterious effects of anaesthisia / pain killers etc.
– Support liver to eliminate drug residues.
– Reduce scarring

The following tincture is taken two weeks before and two weeks after surgery:

Calendula officinalis (Marigold) 15ml Antioxidant to brain cells aids in removing drug residues,
liver stimulant
Carduus marianus (Milkthistle) 15ml Protects liver and brain byserving as an antioxidant in
the cell membranes.
Hydrocotyle asiatica (Gotu kola) 15ml Promotes blood flow to thehead and flushes out drug
residues improves healing of tissues.
Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) 15ml Improves tissue healing.
Crataegus oxycanthoides (Hawthorn) 15ml Improves tissue healing.
Solidago vigaurea (Golden rod) 15ml Antioxidant to the brain protectsagainst X-rays.
Taraxacum officinalis rad. (Dandelion) 10ml Promotes hepatic clearance.


Vitamin C to bowel tolerance Vitamin E 400 iu
Zinc 50 mg Flax oil
Selenium 400 mcg Evening primrose oil
Beta carotene 30000 iu Lipoic acid

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