Natural Treatments for Cellulite

Cellulite or ‘orange peel skin’ is most common in women, and appears as rough and dimpled skin, typically on the outer thighs and upper arms. The skin may even be puckered if the walls of the subcutaneous fat cells accumulate collagen, become thickened and hard, and cause the cells to retain fluids and toxins. It is usually considered to be a cosmetic problem, but can in fact be an indication of general chronic toxicity in the body. Some other causes of cellulite include lack of exercise leading to poor circulation, impaired lymphatic drainage of the affected areas, dietary allergies or hormonal fluctuations.

Treatment of cellulite may be slow, and it is frequently necessary to take preventative measures more or less all the time.

Dietary treatment

Eat a natural and ‘clean’ diet, high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Avoid meats and all animal foods as well as fried or oily foods and all refined carbohydrates and added sugar. Also avoid all food additives in the form of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, preservatives, colouring or flavouring agents. Drink lots of fresh spring water, at least 8 large glasses a day. First thing in the morning have the juice of a lemon with 1 tsp. unpasteurized honey in a glass of hot water.

Helpful nutritional supplements include:

  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids to enhance cell elimination
  • Vitamin B complex to enhance cellular metabolism and reduce stress and tension which cause vasoconstriction and hence poor circulation.
  • Digestive enzymes (vegetable source) to promote good digestive function.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilous is a normal part of the bowel flora and helps to maintain adequate elimination.

Lifestyle modifications

Dry skin brushing with a natural bristle brush is essential. This should be done every morning, before showering. It is important to always brush towards the heart because this encourages proper lymphatic flow. Hydrotherapy is very useful. Avoid soaking in very hot baths, and always finish your bath or shower with an invigorating and toning cold shower. You can also splash cold water on the legs and arms to tone the circulation. Lymphatic drainage massage and herbal or mud wraps may also be helpful to aid in the elimination of toxins from the tissues. Exercise is essential to enhance oxygenation of the tissues. Fresh air is also vital so try to exercise outdoors (walking, running, cycling etc).

Herbal treatments

Digestion and elimination should be encouraged through the use of digestive bitters, liver and kidney tonics and possibly gentle laxatives or diuretics.

Digestive herbs:

Barberry (Berberis vulgaris), Dandelion root (Taraxacum off.), Milk thistle (Silybum marianum), Fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus), Fumitory (Fumaria off.)

Blood cleansing herbs:

Wild Pansy / Heartsease (Viola tricolor), Blue flag (Iris versicolor), Cleavers (Galium aparine), Nettle (Urtica dioica), Bloodroot (Sanguinarea canadensis).

Diuretic herbs:

Birch (Betula alba), Parsley (Petroselinum crispum), Celery (Apium graveolens), Marshmallow (Althea off.), Corn silk (Zea mais).

Aromatherapy treatments

Essential oils can be used in a bath or, preferably, in a massage. They should always be properly diluted: 2 – 4 drops per teaspoon of almond oil or 8 – 10 drops in a bath.

The following oils are particularly recommended against cellulite: Oregano, Grapefruit, Juniper, Birch, Pine, Fennel, Cypress, Basil, Petigrain, Lemon, Lime.

Sample blends for massage or bath oil:

Blend 1

  • Grapefruit – 4 drops
  • Oregano – 2 drops
  • Rosemary – 5 drops
  • Cypress – 5 drops

Blend 2

  • Petigrain – 3 drops
  • Lime – 5 drops
  • Juniper- 3 drops
  • Basil – 5 drops

Blend 3

  • Fennel – 4 drops
  • Lemon – 5 drops
  • Grapefruit – 6 drops

Blend 4

  • Basil – 5 drops
  • Grapefruit – 6 drops
  • Cypress – 5 drops

Anti-cellulite cream

Use a soothing and healing base cream such as Calendula and blend into it one of the above essential oil blends in a ratio of about 20 drops of oil per 50 ml. jar.

Epsom salt bath

For very severe or persistent cellulite use 2 cupfuls of epsom salts per bath with one of the above essential oil blends. This will make you perspire and help to draw toxins to the surface for elimination.

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