Holistic Oncology

Herbal Support for Immunotherapies

Mori, L., De Libero, G. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ of MR1T cells. Nat Immunol 21, 108–110 (2020).

An exciting new finding in immunology offers hope for a brand new cancer treatment in the future. In an article published last week in Nature … Read More

Commentary on announcement by FDA regarding cancer tests

It was a good news day when the FDA approved insurance agencies funding a suite of predictive cancer tests that may change the face of how we practice oncology.

For over 50 years the standard treatment plan for cancer has … Read More

Calorie Restriction enhances Cancer Treatment – Dr. Mercola

Experts using nutrition to treat cancer are finding that a key aspect of cancer prevention and treatment is intermittent fasting. In this article, Dr. Mercola explores the evidence showing how calorie restriction enhances the efficacy of chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Tumour Promoting Effects of Surgery – Study

Journal of Anesthesiology (V 94, No 6, June 2001) - Surgical resection of tumors is an important aspect of cancer treatment. Unfortunately, it is becoming apparent that the perioperative period is characterized by pronounced immunosuppression, which may increase metastatic development at this susceptible period. This study assesses whether the use of regional anesthesia (spinal block) attenuates the promotion of metastasis by surgery.

Surgery Induced Angiogenesis in Breast Cancer – Study

International Journal of Surgery (V 3 No 3 2005) - "Does surgery induce angiogenesis in breast cancer? Indirect evidence from relapse pattern and mammography paradox". This study by Retsky M, Demicheli R, Hrushesky WJ examines if removing tumors cpuld stimulate cancer relapse by removing the source of inhibitors of angiogenesis (blood vessel creation) or if growth factors appear in response to surgical wounding.

Nutraceutical Use in Late Stage Cancer – Study

Cancer Metastasis Review (Aug. 17, 2010) Emerging research suggests certain plant-based agents may impact late-stage cancer, influencing molecular processes corrupted by tumor cells to evade detection, expand clonally, and invade surrounding tissues. This article reviews some of the current science underpinning the use of nutraceuticals in the latter stages of cancer:

Tissue Testing and Treatable Tumours – Review

Newsweek Magazine (September 07, 2010) New cancer research focused on intensive and customized treatment regimes, including those that profile tumours to identify the 'driver' mutations (specific DNA changes essential to the growth of the tumour) and tailor drugs against them.

Fasting and chemotherapy protection in patients – Study

Research exploring how fasting for 48 hours or longer before chemotherapy protects normal yeast and mammalian cells and mice but not cancer cells from chemotherapy and causes remarkable changes in the levels of glucose, IGF-I and many other proteins and molecules.