Herbal Remedy Questions

Some Commonly Asked Questions

What illnesses can be treated with herbs?

While a cure is never guaranteed, herbs can be effective in treating many conditions ranging from acute things like tonsillitis and infections to more chronic things like excema, bronchitis and arthritis. There are really no illnesses where herbs cannot offer at least some relief.

How long will it take?

There is no single simple answer to this question. Really it depends very much on the individual and on the nature of the illness. Generally speaking, the longer you have been sick the longer it will take to regain your health. As a general guideline, you could expect to see some improvement within 2 to 3 weeks and to have significant results within 2 to 3 months.

What form do the remedies take?

Herbal remedies are usually given in easy to take liquid form, as tinctures or syrups, or may be given dried to be made into a tea. Sometimes they are also given in powdered form as capsules or tablets, and creams and lotions may also be used.

Do I have to stop taking medication from my doctor?

No, you are not asked to stop current medication, and the herbs will not interfere in any way with the effects of your prescription drugs. When you are better your M.D. will decide if you should cease your medication.

Do I have to have my doctors permission to take herbs?

No, you are free to seek health care wherever you wish, but it is usually a good idea to let your doctor know what you are doing so that he/she and the herbalist can work together for the greater good of you, the patient.

Are the herbal remedies safe?

Given under the supervision of a trained herbal practitioner, the remedies are completely safe. They have no side effects and no cumulative effects. Herbs are natural, non-invasive, and work in harmony with the body’s own healing powers.

What happens when I visit the herbalist?

In your first visit, which takes an hour to an hour and a half, a full medical history will be taken to determine your basic level of health as well as to find out about your specific health problems. It may also be necessary to carry out certain assessment procedures such as listening to your heart or feeling for your liver etc. Your diet and general lifestyle will also be discussed.

In subsequent visits we will review the changes and progress in your condition and your remedies will be adjusted accordingly.

How often will I have to come?

Your second visit is usually 2 or 3 weeks after the first, and following this, visits will be at 3, 4 or 6 week intervals depending on the needs of the individual.

How much does it cost?

Herbal remedies and visits to the herbalist are not covered by any health care plans. The first visit will cost you $50 – $100 depending on the experience of the practitioner. The remedies are extra and work out to around $12 to $15 per week or about the price of a cappuccino every day.

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