Spring Season Webinar Series

March 20, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Innisfree Farm and Botanic Garden
3636 Trent Rd Courtenay BC V9N 9R4 Canada
$30.00 + GST

Three lectures of 90 minutes each.  

Attend in person or watch online; accessible to watch online after airing

Materia medica and clinical applications of herbs for the specific topics: constituents, actions and phyto-pharmacology, dosing and combining

20 March:  Stress management and better sleep with herbs

  • physiology of stress and effects on the body
  • ‘sleep hygeine’ and creating the best opportunity for sleep
  • The sleep cycle and how to nap well
  • gentler relaxing nervines and mild sedatives: lemon balm, oats, linden
  • materia medica for enhancing sleep

17 April:  Immune support with herbs

  • innate and acquired immunity
  • promoting primary defences – fever treatments, mucolytics, expectorants,
  • materia medica for enhanced immune resilience and fighting infection
    • immune tonics: medicinal mushrooms, astragalus
    • immune stimulants : echinacea,
    • anti-microbials : garlic, taheebo, usnea, berberine
    • lymphatics
  • how to make wei qi (immune protection) soup

15 May:  Detox, liver support and tissue cleansing with herbs

  • Toxins, the liver and the 21st century
  • How the liver works in health and sickness
  • How toxins in the blood contribute to ill health
  • Sauna, exercise, dry skin brushing as detox aides
  • Fasting and tissue detoxification
  • Green juices and recipes for cleansing foods
  • Supplements and herbs to assist liver process and release toxins

$30 each or $75 for all three plus GST

To register call 250-336-8768 or email cabreraclinic@gmail.com

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