She Wonders

August 13, 2018 @ 9:00 am – August 19, 2018 @ 4:00 pm

In our culture there is a long time between childhood and adulthood. When left unguided, this gap creates a distinct lack of understanding and purpose to the “wonder years”. This precious time of exploration and risk taking, of self discovery and challenges is now typically peer driven instead of guided. How can someone uninitiated know which risks are worth taking or who to listen to if they have not discovered within themselves who they are? What’s important to them, what makes them happy, who are they in their family and community as they grow out of childhood? ‘She Wonders’ seeks to help fill this void.

This playful and powerful 7 day camp culminates in a full weekend overnight coming of age ceremony ripe with opportunities to discover inner resilience and Knowing.
As guides, our intention is to capture the essence of each individual as it emerges within our unique group nurturing her unconditionally. We desire to empower young women into a strong sense of self through the art of true connection and collaboration. These gifts are essential for feminine beings, particularly those beginning their journey of self discovery.

We will be exploring deep, feminine themes through art, song, stories, dance, crafts, wilderness challenges, games, sister circles, ceremony, council, guided imagery, camping and more!

Innisfree Farm

Date and time:
Monday August 13 – Friday August 17, 9am-4pm
Saturday August 17 – 18: Overnight camp out.

Parents involvement:
Saturday August 18, 8:00- 8:45am.
Sunday August 19, 12:30-4pm

There will be a family ceremony to begin our coming of age weekend. The weekend will end with a larger family gathering and celebration/ceremony on Sunday.


Includes snacks all week and all of the participants’ food for the weekend as well as a beautiful journal partially sponsored by Rare Bird Books (these are gorgeous!) and all art/craft supplies!

For more information please contact us at

Register through the Cumberland Recreation Centre

Phone: 250-336-2231


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