Articles written by Chanchal Cabrera, organized by medical Condition, or herbal Materia Medica

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A Holistic Herbal Treatment Approach

This disease is technically known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or M.E. Symptoms of it were first recorded in the 1940's but it was not recognized as a disease in its own right until the 1970's and even today there are still some medical professionals who do not recognize it.

Diabetes and Syndrome X

Diabetes and Syndrome X: symptoms, causes, treatment with diet, supplements, beneficial herbs and more.

Herbal Medicine and the Liver

This article covers the liver, functions of the liver, tests for liver function, herbal formulas for liver health and more.

Herbs for Arthritis

Arthritis may be defined as joint disease associated with inflammation and leading to pain, stiffness and loss of function. There may also be swelling of the joint.

Delivery Systems and Dosage Strategies in Herbal Medicine

Clinical herbal therapy employs several different methods of presenting the herbal material to the body, and dosages are precisely calibrated according to individual need.

Breast Cancer: Botanical Influences on Estrogen Metabolism

Estrogen modulation as a treatment strategy in breast cancer.

Herbal Medicine from your Kitchen Cupboard

Many herbs and spices serve a dual role in our lives, both to provide culinary diversity and as medicinal herbs used for therapeutic purposes.

Materia Medica by Body System

Covers materia medica of the digestive, endocrine, immune, urinary, respiratory and musculo-skeletal systems.

Clinical Aromatherapy – the Medicinal Value of Volatile Oils

Volatile oils are complex chemical substances which give scent to the various parts of a plant. On exposure to air or steam they evaporate and are therefore called ‘volatile’ oils.