Bach Flower Remedies in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Bach Flower Remedies, non-toxic, non-addictive herbal remedies are made from the blooms of flowering trees and plants. This healing system, comprised of 38 distinct liquid remedies, aids in alleviating emotional and mental stress. Each one deals specifically with a particular emotional state or aspect of personality. The Bach Flower Remedies are intended to treat the person as an individual for the temperament and personality. They are not a treatment for physical complaints, but because our body responds either positively or negatively to the way we think and feel in ourselves, by helping us feel more positive our body has a chance to respond equally positively, and thus re-establish a general betterment in our being as a whole. They can be particularly helpful throughout pregnancy, as well as during childbirth.

Pregnancy is a time of immense and quick paced change, with each month filled with shifting moods and thought patterns. With perhaps more emotional ups and downs than usual, changes in sleep patterns, or increased sensitivity to people and the environment and diminishing energy levels, remedies such as Scleranthus, Walnut, Hornbeam, Crab Apple, or Cherry Plum will stabilize these fluctuating states.

As the nine months proceed, other remedies may prove useful such as Elm, for feeling overwhelmed with additional responsibilities; Mimulus, for any known fears, or White Chestnut for persistence, worrying thoughts. Impatiens is recommended for feelings of irritability and is helpful if the prospective mother becomes impatient, as her due date is reached and passed.

As labour begins, different thoughts and feelings emerge which may interfere with relaxation and the concentration needed to handle contractions. The labouring woman may feel she doesn’t have what it takes, lacking confidence in her ability to birth (or parent). In this instance Larch would be the appropriate remedy to regain her conviction. She may experience doubt or discouragement if labour slows down or stops for a time. Here, Gentian would be the correct remedy to renew optimism. For a lengthy, tiring labour Olive would relieve the emotional and mental exhaustion. In the case where the woman feels she has reached the limits of her endurance and just can’t go on, give Sweet Chestnut to assist her in regaining inner strength. If anxiety or nervousness comes up, or more extreme states, such as panic or hysteria, administer Rescue Remedy. This first aid, emergency remedy acts quickly to restore calm and equilibrium. (Useful for others in the room who may be anxious or fearful).

There are a number of other remedies which could apply during this time in a woman’s life, as well as one’s useful during the postpartum period. Also, the remedies work well for the newborn (e.g., Star of Bethlehem to neutralize shock or trauma if it occurs). Attendants and family members can also benefit from these remedies. The remedies are completely free of any harmful effects and no known side effects have been attributed to them in over fifty years of use.

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