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Are You A Sugar Addict?

How much sugar do you eat? This infographic from Online Nursing may give you reason to reconsider that sugar loaded daily latte or second helping of dessert!

Potential risks of black cohosh in the spotlight

A UK case of liver damage requiring a transplant, linked to the use of a Black Cohosh herbal product, highlights the controversy about the safe use of this herb, and the importance of correctly identifying and verifying the ingredients in herbal remedies.

Forest Bathing – Science backs up an old concept

Home / Articles & Research / Forest bathing Topics: Human Wellbeing | 9 comments Forest bathing Research into the Japanese practice of forest bathing indicates that time spent in nature lowers stress levels, enhances the immune system and may even help fight cancer.

Comparative Risk of Death – How Herbal Remedies Measure Up

This graph, commissioned by the Alliance for Natural Health International in the UK, compares the risk of death from heral remedies to other risks, from the likelihood of death by food poisoning, air travel, or drowning, to the risk of dying from preventable injury in hospitals, or from adverse pharmaceutical drug reactions.

Plants ‘Talk’ for Self Defense – New Study

Are plants doing more than just swaying in the breeze? For the first time, scientists at Exeter University have captured on film the process by which plants use chemical messages to alert each other to possible danger. Meanwhile, Bristor University researchers have discovered that plants can produce and respond to sounds that are inaudible to human ears.

Psychedelics and End of Life

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Soy and Red Clover for Women’s Health – Research Review

Review of medical research related to the use of soy or red clover for prevention and/or treatment of heart disease, osteoperosis, cognitive decline and other issues related to menopause and aging. The research suggests that isoflavinoids in soy foods and red clover appear to have a small but positive health benefit.

A Phytotherapeutic Approach to Lower Bowel Disease

The lower bowel, large intestine or colon, measuring about 6 ½ feet in an adult, is specially adapted for absorption of fluids from the stool and the forward movement of food wastes.

Maximum Daily and Weekly Doses and Contra-indications of Herbs

This document is a table of Tinctures Made to 1:5 Strength, Max Dosage Daily and Max Dosage Weekly and some notes on each herb.

Introduction to the Art and Science of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is one of the oldest methods of healing on the planet with a history of over 100,000 years of continuous use.