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The Food Farmacy – Medicine in a Meal

By Chanchal Cabrera, MSc, FNIMH, RH(AHG), RHT

Did you know that the herbs and vegetables you can grow in your garden have specific health giving properties? You can grow your own food and you can also grow your own medicine. … Read More

Immune Power: Herbal First Aid Kit

Between the crazy Corona virus, regular influenza and seasonal colds, it feels like a dangerous world out there. Add in the misery of seasonal allergies and many people are struggling with breathing, feeling congested and anxious about their health. 

Spring Harvest Time

Spring is here and with the warm sunny days, our thoughts are turning to root harvesting. It’s become urgent task before the new growth starts

Protocols for Viral Infections

By Holly Jones and Chanchal Cabrera, March 2020

It is probably safe to say we will all get this Covid-19 virus some time in the near future – maybe this month, almost certainly this year. Although members of the corona … Read More

Microbiome, Human Health and Herbal Medicine

Chanchal Cabrera // August 2019

The microbiome of the human body, the vast array of yeasts and bacteria, archaea, viruses and eukaryotes that co-inhabit our bodies, play a vital role in health and disease, with notable influence on many human … Read More

Grow Your Own Herbal Pharmacy

Chanchal Cabrera MSc, FNIMH,, RH(AHG)

Some general principles of successful herb growing

Most of the common medicinal plants are fairly sturdy and resilient. They are wild weeds in their native habitat so sometimes re-creating that environment is best – or … Read More

Interview with Chanchal on

Interview with Erin Stewart from published as Podcast number 72 on the website.

Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?

The Guardian newspaper in England this week reported on a new book that is re-writing the narrative on depression.

Moving beyond the simple black and white thinking of mental illness as a neurotransmitter defect that can be corrected by … Read More

Commentary on announcement by FDA regarding cancer tests

It was a good news day when the FDA approved insurance agencies funding a suite of predictive cancer tests that may change the face of how we practice oncology.

For over 50 years the standard treatment plan for cancer has … Read More

Eat Your Veggies – It Could Save Your Life

Researchers at The School of Public Health, Imperial College , London published a meta analysis in the International Journal of Epidemiology this week stating that  eating more fruits and vegetables may prevent millions of premature deaths.
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