A note of recognition from American Herbal Pharmacopeia

Hello friends

What a pleasant surprise today to receive a certificate of appreciation from my good friends at the American Herbal Pharmacopeia project. When you donate your time to a good cause it is reward enough to see the project thrive and flourish, but it is very nice to be acknowledged as well. The monographs produced by AHP are world class and it is a
privilege to be able to contribute in some small way.

We are finalizing the education programs at Innisfree Farm and Botanic
Garden for next year, and looking forward to some great new apprentices and students. Watch this space for new curriculum being loaded very soon.

It is mid-winter solstice as I write this, and we have been making evergreen wreaths to mark the turning of the seasons. Circles to symbolize the year, the moon, the day and night, eternal dying to be reborn; and the evergreens to symbolize the immortality of the soul. This year I also found bright red holly berries to symbolize the blood of life (or maybe the red is for the nice glass of wine that accompanied the making of the wreath ).

Sometimes our best herbal medicine is in the form of metaphors and stories, not potions to ingest. This is definitely something Thierry and I are exploring in our reading and research these days, and we are especially excited to be offering a 4 day retreat (called Biofilia / Biophilia) in early May where we shall be co-teaching a new paradigm of science and a new experience of herbs. This will be deep green immersion therapy!

From our home to yours, sending warmest wishes for the holiday season,
however you celebrate,


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