The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Please select the aspects which you prefer to enhance:

1. AGRIMONY Mentally Uplifting; Inner-Joyfulness; Even-Tempered; Discernment; See
problems in the Real Light; Able to Laugh at Own Worries; Aware of Unity in Diversity; Trusting Optimism Clever Diplomacy & Peacemaking.
2. ASPEN Entering into the Higher & More Subtle Plane of Existence and Fearlessly Seek Insight into & Understanding of the Higher Forms of
3. BEECH Mental Acuity; Improve Ability to Diagnose; Tolerant and Well Grounded in
Life; Understanding Human Behaviour and Individual Development
4. CENTAURY Knowing when to say Yes or No; Ability to Integrate into Groups, while
Retaining One’s Own Identity; Follow One’s Own Inner Objectives and True Life Mission, while Unobtrusively Providing Service.
5. CERATO Co-ordination of Abstract & Concrete Thoughts; “Inner Voice”; Intuition;
Enthusiasm; Curiosity; Eagerness to Learn; Ability to wisely Gather, Organize, Use and Share the Obtained Information & Knowledge with others; Trusting “SELF”.
6. CHERRY PLUM Courage; Strength; Spontaneity; Penetrating into the Higher & Lower Self and Integrating the Insights, thus Gained; The Ability to Come through ANYTHING, without Harm to the Real Self, Understanding Life’s Goals; Gaining Advancement in Spiritual Development.
7. CHESTNUT BUD Mental Activity & Flexibility; Ability to Learn by Observing Others as well as One’s own Errors & Mistakes; Living In the Present; Focusing On the Present; Benefiting from Experiences and the Ability to See Oneself as Others See One.
8. CHICORY Generosity; Care, Love & Devotion for Others; Warmth; Kindness, Sensitivity; Secure Within and Radiating a Sense of Security & Protection to Others.
9. CLEMATIS Control of One’s Own Thought World; Intentionally Creating One’s Own Universe; a Sense of Mission; Why One Is Here; Finding New
Interests in Other People’s Worlds and Understanding & Accepting the Deeper Meaning of the Connections between them.
10. CRAB APPLE Generosity; Sense of Balance; See Proper Prospective; Ability to Recognize & Resolve Unsolved Issues; Cleanse the systems of
the Toxins of Fatigue; Cleanse Mind & Body.
11. ELM Inherent Altruism; Listen to Inner Voice; potential; Attitude of “The
Impossible Is Just Slightly More Complicated”; Innate Talents; Conviction the Help is Always There IF Required; Responsibility; Confidence; Ability to Recognize & Resolve All Difficulties. Relating to the Whole; Self Assurance;
Positively; Leadership; Reliability.
12. GENTIAN Handle Conflicts with Confidence due to Inner Conviction that: “No Matter, How Difficult the Circumstances One Can Overcome the
Problems”; Conviction is Passed on to Others.
13. GORSE Dispersing Hopelessness; Accepting Destiny; Building the Idea “There is always Hope!”
14. HEATHER Empathy; Sympathy; Concern for Others rather than Self-centred; Strength & Confidence.
15. HOLLY Inner Harmony; Love & Understanding for Humanity and their Emotions and
Pleasure in their Success and Achievements.
16. HONEY SUCKLE Living in the Present; Learning from Past Experiences rather than hanging onto them; Preserving the Beautiful Aspects of the Past; Forget Frightening Experiences from the Past.
17. HORNBEAM Making the mind More Clear & Lively and Interested in Variety; Ability to Handle Tasks which seem to be beyond One’s Powers.
18. IMPATIENS Improve Uptake, Understanding and Ability to Use One’s Own Innate Talents for the Benefit of All; Thinking; Acting; Patience; Sensitivity; Empathy.
19. LARCH Ability to Tackle Things Realistically with Confidence; Perseverance; Ability to Assess Situations Objectively.
20. MIMULUS Improve Character,; Sensitivity; Self-Confidence & Ability to Face the World Cheerfully; Personal Courage; Understanding Problems of Others.
21. MUSTARD Inner Serene Self by Releasing Pent-up Anger and Fear Extroverting; Happy Disposition “No Matter What the Circumstances”.
22. OAK Common sense; Ability to Overcome; Steadfastness; Strength; Courage & Persistence.
23. OLIVE Strength; Vitality; Ability to Handle Anything Cheerfully.
24. PINE Ability to Forgive Oneself and Others Forgetting Whatever made One Feel Guilty; Patience; Understanding Human Nature & Feelings;
Simplicity of Heart; Meaningful Sharing of Burdens with Others.
25. RED CHESTNUT Ability to Radiate Positive thoughts, Guidance & Influence to Others in Difficult Situations or Emergencies.
26 ROCK ROSE Ability to Rise Above Any Situation
27. ROCK WATER Open-minded Idealism; Ability to Accept New or Deeper Insights Always Questing for The Truth Within Oneself; Joy in Life; Inner Peace; Becoming A Natural Example for Others.
28. SCLERANTHUS Power of Concentration & Determination, Inner Balance; Ability to
Integrate All Potentials in One’s Life; Making Instant & Correct Decisions; Joyful Connection with Higher Self; Have a Peaceful Influence on Others.
Inner Vitality & Strength; Clear Mind; Ability to Adapt Quickly to Energy Changes; Ability to Quickly Recover From Any Shock.
30. SWEET CHESTNUT Discovering New Horizons; Finding Oneself Again; Ability to “Believe Again” and to “Recognize that Drastic changes Within Are
Possible and Required”; Starting Inner Journey.
31. VERVAIN Having Own Ideas & Allowing Others Theirs; Ability to Change Own Ideas
Because of Good Arguments; Broaden Scope; Ability to Use
Large Amounts of Energy Efficiently; Becoming a Vessel for Higher Powers; Ability to Enthuse and Inspire Others.
32. VINE Becoming Part of the Team; Ability to Use: “Innate Talents” of Wisdom; Understanding, Leadership, Guiding & Teaching, (in a
gentle manner) for the Benefit of Others; Helping Others Help Themselves and Find Their Own Destiny; Harmonizing the Energy Field.
33. WALNUT Ability to Remain: True to Oneself and Regardless of Any Obstructions Following One’s Own Life Goal; Immunity to Outside Influences, but Open and Unprejudiced towards Something New and Inner Inspiration; Ability to Recognize: the Laws Behind Changes that Occur; Ability to be Free from Shadows & Traumatic Experiences of the Past.
34. WATER VIOLET Ability to Be: Charming, Gentle, Wise, Tactful, Independent-Minded;
Non-Interfering, Tolerant, Capable, Comfortable with Oneself, In Charge of One’s Own Life, On Top of Things; Well Balanced; Conscientious; A Point of Stability in the Turbulent World, Lovingly-Operating in the Background for
the Benefit of All. Ability to Have or Create: A Low, Polite and Insistent Voice; An Atmosphere of Calm Elegance, Confidence & Tranquillity around Oneself.
35. WHITE Ability to Have or Create: Balanced State of Mind; a Clear & Calm Head; One’s Own Positive “Power of Thought” to Solve Every Problem, Seeing them Dissolve in Water.
36. WILD OAT Ability to: Do Many Things Simultaneously Successfully, Unwaveringly and
Bringing them to Completion; Operate a Wide Range of Talents; Aim for Spiritual Goal; Follow Higher Guidelines; Recognize Potential & Develop them in Full with a Clear Idea in Mind.
37. WILD ROSE Ability to: Find New Vital Interest in Life; Handle Everyday Life without Getting Bored; Living in a Feeling of Inner Freedom and Flexibility; Follow Inner Laws of Living Happily; Change Negative Mental Programs.
38. WILLOW Ability to: Take Full Responsibility for One’s Own Fate; Recognize the Connection Between One’s Thoughts and External Events; Be Master of One’s Own Life.

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